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About Our Events

Clean Up Australia Day - Sunday 3 March 2019


Check out what happened around the country here

Australia has one of the best natural landscapes in the world.

From our pristine beaches, ancient forests and flourishing sealife, we have some of the most unique flora and fauna. But the rubbish we create through mass consumption is choking our streets, beaches, parks, bushland and waterways. And along the way it's killing one of our best assets : nature.

We are all part of the problem - but YOU can also be part of the solution.

Clean Up Australia Day is held on the first Sunday of March each year.

Change starts with you

Everyday Clean Up

As well as participating in the flagship Clean Up Australia Day event held on the first Sunday in March, we encourage communities, schools, youth groups and businesses to help Clean Up Australia every day. You can register a site year round on a day that suits you. Just remember to leave us two weeks to make sure we get your starter kit to you on time.