Macquarie Park, Freemans Reach

Please join the Hawkesbury Environment Network (HEN) to improve our natural environment and recreation area at Macquarie Park, Freemans Reach by helping out with Clean Up Australia Day.
This is a really important site as its situated on the banks of the beautiful Hawkesbury River. With Hawkesbury City Council investing so much money into this site, this would be a great event to the support the improvements and user ability.
 Any litter here has potential to end up in our river systems causing degradation particularly to our wildlife.
We will supply bags for rubbish collection and gloves.
Please bring drinking water and snacks if you like.
From all of us at HEN, we look forward to seeing you at Macquarie Park to make a huge and  positive difference,

Thank you to my Supporters



Sally you are a very special person and a great asset to our community. All of us at Eathergroup would like to thank you and all of the other great people that helped in the clean up.👍


Sally-ann Eather

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