Tarban Creek

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This mangrove area,  tiny harbour beaches, sports ground and park is a vital habitat for birds, fish, turtles and flying foxes, and a beautiful area for many different human activities . The water can be polluted by flotsam and jetsam from the sea and stormwater, and from rubbish blown in from the sports ground.  we need to be careful removing rubbish from the delicate mangrove and saltmarsh area, but the parkland and sports areas require less delicacy. 

Date and time

Sunday 10th March 09:00

Occurs: Yearly


Joly Parade, Hunters Hill NSW, Australia

Council: Hunter's Hill Council

Site Type: River/Creek

Event Info

Meeting Point: At the Tarban Creek footbridge next to the soccer grounds.

Site Supervisor: Mark Allerton

Contact Supervisor

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Mark Allerton

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