Lisa Young

Clontarf Beach Join Us

Clontarf Beach

If you enjoy going to Clontarf as much as my family & I do, please join us on Sunday 3rd March 7am-11am in helping clean up the beach and parklands. 

Make it a family affair with friends and educate your kids the importance of keeping our environment clean & safe. 

The areas to be cleaned:
Kids Playground 
Clontarf  Reserve
Clontarf Beach to Clontarf Rocks 

For anyone who would like to do the  Spit to Manly coastal walk, please sign up & join in and take a bag with you on your journey. At the end of your walk, please dump rubbish bag in the waste bin. 

What to Bring:
- Wear sun screen/ hat/ enclosed shoes/ gloves
- Bring small rubbish bags for pick up & a bottle of water 
-If you would like to help clean up the playground, bring a rake to help sift through the sand. 

If you can’t make it in the morning, there is also the annual North Harbour Reserve clean up from 1:30pm-4pm. 

Please spread the word, the more the merrier we have a large area to tackle at Clontarf and afterwards you can reward yourself with a swim. 

To Register: go on the website or sign up on the day. 

Look forward to taking the challenge with you on making Clontarf a fun and safe environment. 

Sharmila  Normington & the Balgowlah Heights / Clontarf crew.