Beachmere Conservation Park, Bishop Road

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Date and time

Sunday 03rd March 08:00 - 10:00


Beachmere Conservation Park Enterence, Bishop Road, Opp Beahmere Sands Enterance

Council: Moreton Bay Regional Council

Site Type: Beach/Coastal

Event Info

Meeting Point: Bishop Road, Ocean Side opp Beachmere Sands Entrance

Site Supervisor: Christine Dillon

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My Updates


Saturday 2nd Feb

Clean Up Australia is something I am passionate about - and Bishop Road Conservation Park is a site I have manned these last 3 years - 
BRING ON YEAR 4 - 2019 3 March 8am-10am.


This year I will bring a Wheel Barrow so we can really collect heaps without lugging bags of rubbish the long path that the Conservation Park has - being a waterfront area where the ocean meets the park - debris from the ocean does tend to wash up in this area.  

Looking forward to getting in there this year to clean up again. 


Friday 15th Feb

I don't know about you but I like to clean up everywhere I go - anytime I see rubbish blowing I pick it up and put it in a bin. Clean Up Australia is every day to me. 

The Conservation Park at Beachmere gets a lot of "sea" debris coming in from the ocean side of the park.  Last years clean up we found an old computer washed up and dragging bags back and forth to pick up point was tiring.  But with a new found idea brought to the group - this year I am bringing a wheelbarrow to help with the cleanup.   That way as we work to clean we can load the barrow and just do one trip out with rubbish instead of many.  

Who do you know that can come to assist us on the 3rd March from 8am till 10am, Bishop Road, Beachmere opposite entrance to Palms Lake Resort.


What else is possible here we have not even considered? 

Thank you to my Supporters


Christine Dillon

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