Duck Creek Litter Clean Up

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Want to do some absolutely awesome work helping our local waterways? Then PLEASE join us in cleaning up the filthy amount of litter along Duck Creek, which if left will go on to pollute Parramatta River, our beaches and the ocean - harming and killing wildlife along the way.

Duck Creek really should be renamed Landfill or Rubbish Creek... it's clogged with litter!! And unfortunately very few people know about the really sad state of Duck Creek, as it's tucked behind an industrial area. Most of the litter is plastic bottles and bags, which washes down into the creek via storm water drains from local streets.

We're teaming up with Conservation Volunteers Australia for this clean up event and estimate we'll be able to remove about 100 bags/ 400+kgs of rubbish in a few short hours.

Due to the nature of the site, only a limited number of people can attend. We strongly recommend only children 12yrs and older should attend.

All necessary equipment, such as gloves, bags and tongs, will be provided. You just need to come ready to do some awesome work removing a lot of rubbish. Plus wear waterproof, enclosed shoes and long pants and top and bring water bottle and lunch.

Keep in mind there are no toilets on-site, but there are some a short drive away at a local petrol station. There is free street parking along Shirley St. 

Date and time

Saturday 18th September 10:00 - 14:00

Occurs: Quarterly



Council: Parramatta Council, City of (NSW)

Site Type: River/Creek

Event Info

Meeting Point: Opposite building 5 on Shirley Street in the clearing. There will be a marquee

Site Supervisor: Kellie Darley

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