The Clean Up Australia PLOG-A-THON is the perfect way for individuals and small groups to get out in the local area. Socially responsible, physically distant exercise that leads to a cleaner environment and community - what’s not to love? 

We’ve noticed a lot more rubbish around the neighbourhood. We also know a lot of people are keen to do something good for the planet. And what could be better than getting fitter by picking up litter?

The PLOG-A-THON is a great way to burn off energy, get the whole family involved and improve your local environment. 

Entry is free, and as with traditional walk-a-thons and other fun runs, you can register as an individual or join a virtual team, setting targets for fundraising, distance covered and litter collection.

The health and safety of our volunteers, and of the broader community, is of paramount importance to us. We ask for your cooperation and caution in these difficult circumstances. Rules for public gatherings differ between states and territories. For more information about how to comply with rules in your region, please read this.


What saves the planet, brings communities together and improves your overall health? Plogging of course!

A portmanteau of "jog" and the Swedish for "pick up",  "plocka upp", it means, you guessed it; to pick up litter as you jog (or plod - walkers are encouraged!).

Started by a Swedish community incentive to pick up rubbish in Stockholm this marriage between exercise and environmental action is now a global craze.


Our PLOG-A-THON is a fundraising event. Entry is free and you can request our plogging kit which has everything you'll need to get started (gloves and bags) when you register.

You can register as an individual or join a team to set fundraising, distance and litter collection goals. We encourage you to invite your friends, family and coworkers to sponsor your plogging efforts to support Clean Up Australia! Funds you raise will enable Clean Up Australia to provide educational resources and materials free of charge to school and youth groups throughout the year, educating the next generation on the importance of protecting and caring for the environment.


In accordance with current COVID-19-related regulations in your state or territory, we encourage you to make your plog a social occasion, whether it’s in pairs, small groups or on social media!

Remember to wear gloves and stay 1.5m apart, but involving your family, friends, colleagues or community means you will cover more ground and pick up more litter.

Register your plog to receive your plogging kit and set your targets for distance and fundraising.