Want to get fitter and help the environment? The benefits of getting out in the open air and walking are well documented. It makes you feel good, more energetic, mentally alert and physically fitter. Even better if you walk with a friend or friends.

Better again if you have an added purpose and adopt a street to keep it neat!

Get Fitter With Litter is a healthy, fun way to do your bit towards reducing the problem of litter in your neighbourhood. 

When walking your dog, on your way to the shops, taking the little ones to school or while socialising with friends, take a bag and pick up litter as you go.

The health and safety of our volunteers, and of the broader community, is of paramount importance to us. We ask for your cooperation and caution in these difficult circumstances. Rules for public gatherings differ between states and territories. For more information about how to comply with rules in your region, please read this.


What saves the planet, brings communities together and improves your overall health? Get Fit with Litter of course!


Sign up and receive a free kit containing gloves, hand sanitiser and bags and you can register as an individual or join a team. 


While adhering to COVID-19-regulations, make it a social occasion, whether it’s in pairs, small groups or on social media!

Share using the hashtags #CleanUpAustralia #StepUpToCleanUp

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