The health and safety of our volunteers, and of the broader community, is of paramount importance to us. Please be aware that public gatherings increase the risk of COVID-19 spreading and rules regulating these activities differ between states and territories. 


Community includes individuals, friends, family, faith based groups, local community groups and more!
(please note, if you're planning to get your staff involved, please ensure you register as a Business Clean Up event)


Registering a Business Clean Up Event is a fantastic way to engage staff, foster team spirit, promote sustainability and bolster your organisation's Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives.


School Clean Ups include preschools and primary schools, and other groups where the children are pre/primary school aged e.g. Joey Scouts!
Please note that highschools should register as youth events to ensure they receive appropriately sized materials


Youth includes high schools, and other groups where the participants are high school aged or older e.g. older Scouts and Guides, faith based youth groups, local community youth groups, higher education providers and more!