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Youth Groups include High Schools, Scouts and Guides, Faith Based Youth
Organisations and more. 

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Youth Clean Up

A Youth Clean Up is an awesome chance to engage your group or high school class in caring for our environment. 

It's a great hands on practical educational experience as well as building team work skills.

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Lesson Plans 

Youth Clean Up Day has a curriculum linked lesson plan to help teachers maximise the success of your day.

We also have a series of Schools Lessons to focus your student's attention on waste, water and energy topics by giving then practical things to do as they learn.

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Clean Up Tool Kit

Access everything you need to know about how to organise and run a safe, fun and educational Youth Clean Up event.



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in a Campaign

Find out what you can do to take action on the big issues that matter to you. 

Learn more about the issues that face the Aussie environment and what you can do to help!

About Our Events

Youth Clean Up Day

Youth Clean Ups demonstrate the incredible impact young people can achieve for our environment and communities.

1,244 Youth Sites were registered for Youth Clean Up Day 2018, which happens on the first Friday or first Sunday of March each year. You can also register Youth Clean Up events year round. 

So if you're a High School, University Society, a group at a TAFE or a Scouts, Guides, SLS, Faith-based or any other group of enthusiastic young people, you can get active today.

After you register we'll send out a starter pack containing helpful materials and paperwork to run a safe site. Please leave around two weeks for kit delivery. 

Youth Ambassadors 2019

Check out the all new Youth Ambassadors for Clean Up Australia in 2019!

These young people have created fantastic environmentally friendly initiatives and campaigns, helping to inspire and motivate others in their local communities.

Youth Ambassadors