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A Schools Clean Up is a great way to inspire your students to learn about the impact of rubbish on their local environment while playing an active role in their community.

It's a day when students and teachers work together to clean up an area which is special to you.

It can be the play ground, a local park, or maybe bushland near your school - the options are up to you.

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Clean Up Tool Kit

Schools Clean Up Day has a curriculum linked lesson plan to help teachers maximise the success of your day.

We also have a series of Schools Lessons to focus your student's attention on waste, water and energy topics by giving then practical things to do as they learn.



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Lesson Plans

Access everything you need to know about how to organise and run a safe, fun and educational School Clean Up event.

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Schools and Youth Clean Up Day 2019!

Well done to the amazing students at over 2,240+ preschools and primary schools who got involved in Schools and Youth Clean Up Day! A further 1,193+ high schools and youth groups are holding Clean Ups today or over the weekend!

See what happened around the country here: 

Schools Clean Up Day 2019

About Our Events

Youth Ambassadors 2019

Check out the all new Youth Ambassadors for Clean Up Australia in 2019!

These young people have created fantastic environmentally friendly initiatives and campaigns, helping to inspire and motivate others in their local communities.

Youth Ambassadors

Schools Clean Up Day

Since 1992, schools across Australia have got stuck in and made a real difference to their environment and local communities through participating in Schools Clean Up Day. Schools Clean Up Day occurs annually on the first Friday of every March but you can register a School Clean Up Year round.

These sites make an immense contribution to the rubbish removed by volunteers - young and old! 

Schools Clean Up Day is a fun and engaging way to teach young Australians about the responsible disposal of rubbish, resource recovery and the repercussions of rubbish dumped irresponsibly in the local environment. Not only do we provide schools with a free starter pack of materials, but our website also features a range of learning resources to supplement the hands-on experience of the Clean Up.

Schools Clean Up Day is aimed at children typically up to the age of 12. We ask that schools with children predominantly above this age to register as a Youth Group.