7019 Clean Up Sites Registered

Youth Resources

If you are a high school, university, TAFE, Scout, Girl Guide or other Youth Group then you will need to register your location as a Youth Clean Up.

The first step is to choose your site by looking around your area to see where rubbish is accumulating. Parks, bushland, beaches and waterways are great places to start. Next, you will need to register your site as a Youth Group and tell us how many bags you require and whether you require a sharps container. We will then send your free starter kit to the address you nominate, normally around February, and you can expect to recieve:

  • 10-20 clean up bags [half white bags and half yellow recycling bags]
  • 4-5 pairs of gloves
  • A sharps container [if requested]
  • A hi-vis vest [a fashionable safety accessory that helps people identify the Site Supervisor]
  • Paperwork kit [everything you need to run a safe location] + promotional posters and volunteer certificates

If you need extra clean up materials or want to purchase branded merchandise, you can do so via our on-line store.

You can also download additional copies of the paperwork below:

Site Guide - an important source of information for planning and organising your event.

Risk Warning Poster - which must be displayed at a visible point where volunteers register.

Volunteer registration form - you will need to ask your volunteers to sign in and out of your site [Unless you are a school, Scout or Girl Guide Unit].

End of Clean Up Report - this report is really valuable and we encourage your group to complete it. It supplies us with information about the location of the rubbish that your group removed and provides the basis of our annual Rubbish report which is shared with organisations like the CSIRO for national rubbish hotspot mapping.

Accident Incident Form - to be retrurned to us if someone is injured at your site.

Promotional Posters, Event Logo and Supporter Logo [Wide  & Tall]  - to help you promote your event.

Volunteer certificate - recording our thanks to you and your volunteers.