7019 Clean Up Sites Registered


Roadside Safety

Arterial Roads (including Highways) and Freeways cannot be registered for Clean Ups due to health and safety reasons.

Roadside Clean Ups should only be carried out on Municipal (Council) roads.These generally have a speed limit of less than 50KM.

If you wish to proceed to Clean Up a Municipal road, there are additional safety requirements that you will need to consider:

  • Children are not permitted to participate in any roadside activity
  • You will need to demonstrate a 3 meter exclusion zone between volunteers and vehicles
  • Additional signage to denote location and distance of activity (i.e. Clean Up Day site - next 2kms) may be required
  • A temporary reduction of speed limit surrounding any activity
  • Use of highly visible safety vests and any personal protective equipmentfor all volunteers
  • Time limitations of activity may be required to avoid peak traffic times.
Clean Up Australia advises that you contact your local council to confirm any specific safety regulations or requirements that may be needed before you conduct your Clean Up activity.

On the Day Safety

The Site Supervisor kit (view kit contents ) contains a number of items that are included with safety in mind;

Some gloves are provided in the kit but it is a good idea to ask volunteers to bring extra pairs along on the day.
If you would like to purchase additional gloves you may buy them at our online store.

Sharps Container
Sharps containers can be provided if the Site Supervisor has requested one during the registration process. Please refer to the Site Guide   for the correct procedure when removing sharps from your site.

Risk warning posters  are provided for Site Supervisors to display at the Clean Up Site.

Accident/Incident Forms  are included and are to be completed by the Site Supervisor should an accident occur.

Risk Assesment for sites with 10 or more volunteers as recommended in the Site Guide   

Additional suggestions: sunscreen, hats, closed toe shoes, emergency contact details. 

Please Note: volunteers can either register online or on the day by completing the Volunteer Registration Form

Download Risk Assessment 2018.pdf (164kb)