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Kit Materials and Forms

Clean Up Kit

If you are having problems registering your site on line, download a copy of the registration form and send it to us by email [community@cleanup.com.au ], fax [02 9251 6249] or post [193 Darlinghurst Rd, Darlinghurst   NSW  2010]

After registration we will send you a Clean Up Starter Kit which contains:

  • 10-20 clean up Bags
  • 5 pairs gloves
  • Site Supervisor vest
  • Documentation, including Site Guides and Volunteer Registration Forms

Sharps containers may be included upon request. 

Paperwork component in Kits (click the links below to download a copy):

Site Guide (PDF) - This is an important source of information for the planning and organising of your Clean Up activity.

Risk Warning Poster (PDF) This must be displayed at a visible point where volunteers register to participate (prior to commencing activity).

Promotional Poster (PDF) 
 - Use these to raise awareness and to promote the event in your local community.

Volunteer Registration Form (PDF) - all volunteers present on the day must sign this form.  Please return after the event either electronically [scan and email] or in the envelope provided, remembering to affix a stamp

Volunteer certificate (PDF)   - recording our thanks to site supervisors and volunteers

Community Supporter Logo [Wide  Tall  ]

Event logo

End of Clean Up Report  - This provides you with the information you will need to collect to submit your End of Clean Up report on-line. The information collected provides Clean Up Australia with invaluable information regarding your Site and an overview of the event on a state and national level.

Accident Incident Form - If applicable please return after the event either electronically [scan and email] or in the envelope provide, remembering to affix a stamp

Schools Kit - Schools receive a limited number of bags and gloves within their kits; we would like to ask you to encourage the students to each bring in a bag and a pair of gloves from home. Unfortunately we don't have the resources to be able to provide materials for the large number of schools that participate each year.

Business Kit - We listened to your feedback and have reduced the amount of material in your kits. 

Order additional materials

Thanks to our partners we are able to offer a Clean Up kit free of charge with an intention of helping to get you started for your Clean Up event. If you need additional materials or want to have a look at available merchandise please go to our Clean Up Australia Online Store .

Extra Bags, gloves and rubbish pickers
You will be able to order extra bags, gloves and rubbish pickers through the Create A Clean Up Site registration process and the Clean Up Australia Online Store.