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Council Resources

Because when the rubbish is gone, nature can carry on ...

The support of Councils is critical to the success of Clean Up Australia events and, without this, many sites would simply not be able to operate.

Councils can participate at many different levels, depending on the resources which you are able to provide. Examples of how you may be able to support the event can be found below:

  • Removing the rubbish from registered Clean Up sites
  • Promoting the event on the ground through local media, community networks and advertising
  • Organising Council-led Clean Up Sites
  • Ensuring safety is paramount on the day at each different Site

By getting involved, Councils engage the local community, raise the profile of the council while creating a positive outcome for their local environment.

Participating councils will be given access to Clean Up Site registrations within their area through our website which will help councils organise rubbish removal on the day. For further information please contact operations@cleanup.com.au

Supporting and Promotional Materials (Downloads)

Council Intention to Participate  - notifying us that your council will be participating. You can also download this form as a pdf

Council Guide  - important information about the event

Media Guide  - includes ways to get the message out through your local media

Event Logos: Business  Community  Schools  Youth

Council Supporter Logos [Wide  Tall ]

Promotional Material - paperwork component of the kits

Banner Order Form  - use these banners to promote Clean Up Australia activities in your local community and for signage at your Clean Up Site. A proportion of sales will be returned to Clean Up Australia, a registered charity, supporting our ongoing work to Clean Up and protect the environment

Clean Up bags, gloves,collapsible rakes and rubbish pickers - these items are available through the online store or through the registration process. remember to contact us for bulk orders of Clean Up merchandise at operations@cleanup.com.au