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In an attempt to further increase recycling rates, Clean Up has formed an alliance with social enterprise ‘Sustain Me Group' to make sure even more rubbish and litter is recycled.

‘Sustain Me' is an app that helps people find local places where they can recycle everyday items.
The app is going national in time for Clean Up Australia Day; when we will be encouraging volunteers to separate rubbish they are removing into yellow or white bags - with yellow being recyclables. Our aim is to increase the level of recycling separation on the Day - after which all involved will have the app to which they can refer for advice every day of the year.
When released in Victoria, Sustain Me was downloaded over 1,000 times and has answered over 7,000 recycling queries.

You can download Sustain Me from Google Play and the App Store for FREE

More information on www.sustainme.com.au