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Teachers' Resources

There's never been a better time to be part of Schools Clean Up Day!

If you are having trouble registering on-line, download a pdf of the registration form and email [youth@cleanup.com.au], fax [02 9251 6249] or mail [193 Darlinghust rd, Darlinghust 2010 NSW it to us]. 

After registration we will send you a Clean Up starter Kit which contains:

  • Five Rubbish and Recycling Bags
  • 4 pairs of gloves for teachers
  • A Site Supervisor vest
  • Instructions regarding online documentation

A sharps kit may be included upon request. 

Please note kits will be sent out in February.

Paperwork component in all Kits (click the links below to download a copy):

Schools site registration form

Site Guide (PDF) - This is an important source of information for the planning and organising of your Clean Up activity.

Risk Warning Poster (PDF) - This must be displayed at a visible point where volunteers register to participate (prior to commencing activity).

Promotional Posters (PDF) - Use these to raise awareness and to promote the event in your local community.

Thank You Certificates (PDF) - for distribution to staff and students on the day.

Brainy Smurf Fact Sheet (PDF) - Great resource for teaching kids how to care for our environment and about yucky rubbish 

Event Logo

Schools Supporter Logos [Wide Tall ]

End of Clean Up Rubbish Report - This provides you with the information you will need to collect to submit your End of Clean Up Report online. The information collected provides Clean Up Australia with invaluable information regarding your Site and an overview of the event on a state and national level.

Accident and Incident Form - If applicable please return after your Clean Up

Thanks to our partners we are able to offer a Clean Up kit free of charge with an intention of helping to get you started for your Clean Up event. If you need additional materials or want to have a look at available merchandise please go to our Clean Up Australia Online Store.

Extra bags, gloves rakes and rubbish pickers
You will be able to order extra bags, gloves and rubbish pickers through the Create A Clean Up Site registration process and the Clean Up Australia Online Store.

Download Brainy Smurf Fact Sheet - Web SCUD17.pdf (791kb)

Educational Resources

Schools Clean Up Curriculum Toolkit

Teachers can educate school students of any age about environmental sustainability using our curriculum resources in partnership with Cool Australia. The kit includes lesson plans and resources for teachers themed around Water, Energy, Climate Change, Packaging and Waste and Recycling.

View The Schools Clean Up Curriculum Toolkit

Pre-2014 Schools Climate Kit

Teachers can still access our older curriculum and educate primary primary school students (K-6) about environmental sustainability using our Schools Climate Kit. The kit includes 21 lesson plans for teachers themed around Water, Energy, Climate Change, Packaging and Waste and Recycling.

View the Schools Climate Kit

Fun For Kids!

Clean Up the River: An Interactive Recycling Game
Clean Up the River is an Interactive Recycling Game for Primary School Students (K-6). The game is Curriculum-based, easy for teachers to use, fun for students and free.

Learn more about the game

Play Clean Up the River: An Interactive Recycling Game