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GNCU Rubbish Report

Rubbish Report

End of Clean Up Report

Please don't forget to fill out your End of Clean Up Report. Every report helps us determine just how much rubbish was removed from the Australian environment with the total results being published in our annual Rubbish Report.

You can either download the pdf version and email, post or fax [02 8221 9513] it back to us, or fill in the form online . Don't forget to include your site name and number, if you are not sure of these then please give us a call on 1800 282 329.

To date, Great Northen Clean Up participants have removed the equivalent of more than 18 hundred ute loads of rubbish.

The Clean Up Australia Day Rubbish Report is a snapshot of all the different types of rubbish collected at Clean Up site all year round, analysing:

  • Top ten items found
  • Major sources of rubbish
  • The types of rubbish collected
  • Most polluted sites

Review the Rubbish Reports.