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Great Northern Clean Up


September/October are the months of Great Northern Clean Up action

In 2016, 3,656 volunteers removed an estimated 211 ute loads of rubbish from 96 registered sites across northern Western Australia, the Northern Territory and far northern Queensland. This is an increase of 15 locations over 2015, proving yet again that our northern most communities are prepared to donn their gloves and grab a bag more than once a year.

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This year a further 3,401 volunteers picked up a bag, donned a pair of gloves and joined neighbours and friends at 94 registered locations. Together they removed an estimated 207 ute loads of rubbish from parks, roadways, beaches, rivers and town centres, donating 6,750 hours of labour to their community.

Since 2009, more than 33,000 Great Northern Clean Up volunteers have removed around 2,004 ute loads of rubbish from 907 registered sites.

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