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Case studies

Clean Up Australia inspires and works with people to clean up, fix up and conserve our environment and below are just a few examples of how communities and individuals have been involved with Clean Up Australia Day.

Business Clean Up sites can vary greatly; some businesses use the day to Clean Up a local area, park, beach or creek whereas others use it as Clean Up their own office space and kick start environmental programs.  



In 2017 Baiada again participated in Business Clean Up Day. This was the thirteenth year of participation but the first year as a Business Supporter of the event.

255 volunteers from 43 registered sites collected 303 bags of rubbish weighing 3.2 tonnes.

The Beresfield site had a little assistance from the Beresfield Scout Group, with the youngsters impressed with their Steggles caps and water bottles. It was also a great way for our staff to engage with the local community.

We look forward to supporting Business Clean Up Day next year.



The team at Stormwater360 spent Business Clean Up Day in 2017 cleaning up Manly Lagoon. Please enjoy this short video  of highlights from the day


Latitude Gallery


Since 2010, Latitude Gallery in Geraldton, Western Australia has been holding a Flotsam and Jetsam exhibition with rubbish collected during their Clean Up Australia Day effort. It is their way of trying to minimise landfill and help spread awareness to the community that what they throw into the ocean doesn't just disappear.

Zanah Banes, Gallery Manager at Latitude Gallery shares her Clean Up experience

Where do you conduct your Clean Ups? Why there?
We conduct our clean up at the Abrolhos Islands which are approximately 70km off the coast of Geraldton, Western Australia. We chose the island because Pia Boschetti, "the girl that grows the pearls" (the gallery owner) has a strong connection to the Islands. She was married there, her pearl farm is there and her family has camped there all her life.

What is the most unusual item you've come across?
The most unusual items we have come across are dolls heads and bed parts.

How long you've participated in Clean Up?
We have officially participated in Clean Up Australia for three years. However the fisherman and pearl farmers of the Islands have had collection points and cleaned the surrounding waters of the Abrolhos Islands for just over ten years now.

Who else is involved?
We try and have the entire community involved. Friends of the gallery and family members of the gallery staff are all invited to help out.
And tell us about the recycling (Art). Once we collect all the rubbish we take it to the Geraldton Wharf and invite local aspiring and established artists to come and take any pieces they may think they can make art out of. The artists have a month to design their pieces and then we hold the ‘Flotsam and Jetsam' exhibition that runs for a month. It is a not for profit event and Latitude Gallery provides a $1000 gift voucher as first prize. Surrounding businesses such as Karl Monaghan Photography also donate prizes for the Artists.

The exhibition always raises the same questions; "Is that really rubbish?" and "Did you really find this in the ocean?" Unfortunately the answer is always yes. This is a large part of our motivation. Clean waters are so important not only for our business, but for the sustainability of this planet.