7008 Clean Up Sites Registered

Youth Clean Up

Youth Clean Up Day demonstrates the incredible impact young people can achieve for our environment and communities. Over 1200 Youth Sites registered for our Clean Ups in 2018, with registrations still coming in.

Whether you're a University Society, a group at a TAFE or High School or a Scouts, Guides, SLS, Faith-based or any other group of enthusiastic young people, then please get involved.

Registration is free, quick and easy. Simply:  

  1. Pick a site near you that needs a Clean Up, such as a park, beach or the grounds upon which you meet.
  2. Register your details online, and we'll then send you out a free starter kit of materials, including bags and gloves.
  3. Plan your event - try and get as many of your friends and family involved to make the day as impactful and fun as possible.
  4. Make sure you let us know what your group has removed.

If you need more information then please give us a call or email youth@cleanup.com.au.




Unsure of something? Before getting in touch, please check out our Frequently Asked Questions