Get Involved as
a Community

Get involved with Clean Up Australia as a member of the Community. Community includes individuals, friends, family, faith based groups, local community groups and more!

Get involved as
a Business

There are many different options for Businesses looking to organise a Clean Up event or work with Clean Up Australia. 

Click below to find out more about our opportunities for Businesses.

Get Involved as
a Youth Group

Youth includes high schools, scouts and guides, faith based youth groups, local community youth groups, higher education providers and more! 

You can Create a Clean Up, Join a Clean Up near you, support one of our campaigns and more.

Get involved as
a School

School Clean Ups include preschools and primary schools. 

You can organise a Clean Up for your local school, access our educational resources, support one of our campaigns and more. 

Top Community Fundraisers 

  • Lisa Wriley just donated $20.80
  • Samantha Searle just donated $100.00
  • Patricia Lindeman just donated $26.00
  • Harvey Coombs just donated $5.20
  • Andy Core just donated $20.80
  • Karen Coombs just donated $5.20
  • Sally-ann Eather just donated $20.80
  • Richie Benson Benson just donated $5.20
  • Mathieu Nunez just donated $10.40
  • Anne Taylor just donated $10.40
  • Affan Shahzad just donated $20.00
  • Waqas Ahmed just donated $5.20
  • Kerri-Anne Michael just donated $1000.00
  • Jack Wheeler just donated $10.40
  • Natasha Herceg just donated $10.00
  • Kylie Hunter just donated $5.20
  • Guillaume Puig just donated $5.20
  • hui har chong just donated $20.80
  • Heta Iiga just donated $5.20
  • Anonymous just donated $25.00

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