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Based in Sydney, Luxmy is a leading Australian manufacturer of commercial furniture.

Committed to reducing their ecological footprint, Luxmy has, over their 20+ years of operation, implemented environmentally sustainable practices such as
waste management, raw materials and energy minimisation. Their efforts allow them to proudly hold an ISO14001 and AFS Chain of Custody Certifications. Their team is actively focused on pollution prevention, recycling and successfully sourcing timber from sustainably managed forests.

Luxmy is proud to support Clean Up Australia through the donation of one of their premium commercial spaces so we may have a centrally based office in Darlinghurst, Sydney.

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Australian Government - National Landcare Programme






By investing in local and regional projects that deliver against the Programme's Strategic Objectives and Outcomes, the Australian Government recognises the important contribution of local communities and regional natural resource management organisations in assisting Australia to meet its national and international obligations.

Cool Australia - Australian Schools Curriculum Partner

Cool Australia is a not-for-profit organisation educating young Australians, from early years to year 10, for a sustainable future.

Cool Australia creates FREE curriculum-aligned units of work and learning activities that teachers can download and take straight into the classroom. For the older students, there are a wide range of learning activities that seek to broaden and deepen students understanding of sustainability. For the younger students, sustainability topics are explored through literacy, numeracy, social awareness, creativity and imagination. 

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