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Great Northern Clean Up


September/October are the months of Great Northern Clean Up action

Registrations are now open

The Great Northern Clean Up takes place at a time of year which is more suitable for those of you living in the tropical North. The event is also timed to occur just before the wet season and after the tourist season to help prevent rubbish being swept into our creeks, rivers, lakes and ravines.

Since the campaign started in 2009 a total of 26,398 volunteers have removed around 1,583.7 tonnes of rubbish from 717 sites north of the Tropic of Capricorn.

In 2015, 2,530 volunteers removed an estimated 196 tonnes of rubbish from 81 registered sites across northern Western Australia, the Northern Territory and far northern Queensland.

In 2016 Councils across Northern Australia are nominating dates and how they can support their community:

 Council Area
 Council supported Sites  Council assistance to find Sites
 Community Sites Welcome
 Rubbish removed
Cairns Regional Council
 24-25 Sept Yes YesYes Yes
Shire of Exmouth
 1-2 Oct
 Yes Yes Yes Yes
Shire of Derby/West Kimberley

 27 Aug
- 4 Sept

 Yes No No Yes community
Cassowary Coast Regional Council
 September Yes Yes Yes Yes
 Litchfield Council
 SeptemberTBA Yes Yes

 Free Waste Transfer Station

 Shire of Carnarvon
 18 Sept  Yes Yes Yes Yes
 Gladstone Regional Council
 3-4 Sept
 Yes Yes Yes No

 Check what happened in your state last year:

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Western Australia

Need information? Our GNCU Resources Center is the best place to start

or email us at community@cleanup.com.au

Ph: 1800 CUA DAY [1800 282 329]